Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brand New Emily

I'm am now reading a new book called Brand New Emily. I am just getting started with it and don't have the authors name yet but, I think it will be such a good book. I've been reading alot more lately because a great teacher has really inspired me. This book really reminds me of a book a teacher is reading aloud called Nerd Girls. Brand New Emily is about a girl who just moved to a new school and these three girls who are the most popular girls in the whole school are being really mean to her because they think she is the one getting them into trouble. Her life isn't going well at school. This really famous guy is the star of a movie and is in her new home town! She is a journalist and the people on the set are looking for someone to do a report on the movie and she really wants the job because she thinks that it will help her. She goes to the interview and discovers this teen star isn't who everyone thinks he is.

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