Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brand New Emily

I finally finished the book and it was awesome! Im going to start over for the review. The author is Ginger Rue and this book is about a girl named Emily and she gets into trouble with the 3 snobiest girls in all of the middle school. Heatherly is kind of the leader and her followers are Meredith and Alexa. Anyway the girls think she ratted them out (which she didn't) and they have been making her life horrible in school and nobody likes her or will talk to her. This famous "teen celebrity" who everyone likes is coming to shoot a movie there and they are looking for someone to put a review in the paper and she is a writer so she tries to be that person. When she leaves she left her notebook there and sneaks back on the set to get her book and hides when the people are walking in and overhears that the teen celebrity Colby Summers insn't a "teen celebrity". Her dad goes on a trip to New York and Emily gets to go with him and Noreen Wolfe is an agent and they found out she knows so they make a deal to get Emily popular. Brynn is her agent and comes back with her. They create something called brand Em and she gets really popular but eveyone gets confused and she might lose the guy she really likes and she has to fix it.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. I can see why you made a connection between this book and Nerd Girls. What are you reading next?