Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sorry that I haven't been blogging lately, its just that I have been so busy over the summer in Maryland and all other things going on. Plus, I don't really like to read much over the summer anyway, although I did start a book: Mr. Popper's Penguins. I got about hmm almost halfway but then I didnt get much peace and quiet because of my little crazy cousins, but the peace and quiet I did get, well I was using that to play Youker. ( sorry if that is spelled wrong )

I did get started on a new book called: The Cellar, and really I do not like it at all I am going to take it back and get a better book. Yeah at first I didn't really give it a chance but then I did and it is just really slow and nothing really is happening. It does look like it would be a good book though. Anyway, I do want to read a book that I am almost positive is going to be good because it is a sequal to my favorite book of all time: I Am Number Four. I am not sure if I can remember the name or not but I think it is called: The Power of Six. I really REALLY want to read that,and my grandma said she is going to get it and after she gets to read it she said that I could! Yay! Sooo excited! Oh, speaking of my grandma, you know how I said I Am Number Four is my favorite book of all time? Well, she apparently wasn't listening when I told her it was because when I came up to her one day and asked, "Hey, can I read I Am Number Four again?" she said, "Oh I don't have that anymore" and I said, "What?!" and she was like," Yeah, I gave it to Mrs. Tramper's class." (A teacher at my school) Boy was I mad.I mean yeah I am happy that all those... hmm whats the word? Ah yes! DELIGHTFUL little children get to read the book that was supposed to be given to me, but still! Anyway, enjoy the book children! Oh well, at least I got to read it right? Yea so as soon as I get a book going again I will blog about it and let you know. ;) Sorry again!

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